Given to Tri

Welcome to Given to Tri

It’s been a little over a year since I started doing triathlons, and one of the things I’ve been pleasantly surprised by is how much I enjoy writing about it. Whether it’s writing a race report or about a crappy experience with a treadmill, I’ve found it’s a fun creative outlet.

However, until now, I’ve been publishing all these posts in what’s ostensibly my professional work website, and there have been a few things I’ve wanted to write about and didn’t, simply because I didn’t want to flood it with triathlon content. So, here we are. I’ve moved all of my triathlon posts into this new website, which I’ve titled Given to Tri, because I can’t stop myself from throwing references to my favorite band in every single one of my projects.

The website itself is a customized fork of my personal website, named Kona, in keeping with the triathlon theme. It’s a static website, powered by Middleman, using Contentful as a CMS, and hosted on Netlify; the logo was designed by Emmelylaura. (“Why not just write on Substack or Medium or Twitter or whatever?” you may be asking. I’m tired of ceding the web to the Elons and Zucks of the world; let’s bring back personal websites, shall we?)

I don’t know if my publishing frequency will increase significantly right away, but at least now I’ll have more freedom to do so. Maybe I’ll start writing more about training, or start a link blog, who knows. In any case, you can subscribe to the RSS feed using your favorite newsreader (I like Feedbin, personally) or follow me on Mastodon to stay up to date when new posts go up.

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